Mississippi Accomplished 60s Music Artists and Bands

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Mississippi's '60 Accomplished Music Artists

These Mississippi music artists and bands from Meridian and other towns in the state have  made important contributions to Mississippi's Music. These musicians are accomplished music recording  artists who have made important music contributions in the South and around the country. Some of these groups have international recognition and are still active today performing and producing music for their fans everywhere. Most of these groups have their own websites and much information is available across the web about their music accomplishments.

____Mississippi's Own Music Artists________

Darryl Vincent & The Original Flares (Meridian, MS.)
Paul Davis (Meridian, MS)
Jimmy Pasquale (Meridian, MS)
David & The Giants (Laurel, MS)
Rick's Continentals (Meridian, MS)
Steve Forbert (Meridian, MS)
The Jesters (Meridian, MS)
Chris Ethridge (Meridian, MS)

Moe Bandy  (Meridian, MS)
Jimmy Eledge  (Philadelphia, MS)
George Cummings (Meridian, MS - Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show)
Jimmy Ruffin (Collinsville, MS)
Eddie Houston (Meridian, MS)
Al Wilson (Meridian, MS)