RAP Records Recording Artists

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The RAP Records Artists        Most of the music artists who recorded at RAP Records were from the Meridian, MS.  Some were from other areas of Mississippi and Alabama.  The following lists are of artists who signed recording contracts and recorded their songs & music at RAP Records in Meridian, MS.  Group A are those who are better known and who have memorabilia that is still around today. Group B or the lesser known artists with little or no information remaining today about their music history other than the master soundtracks in the RAP Records archive or a occasional '45 that surfaces somewhere. The master recordings in the RAP Records archive library are in generally good condition but there are problems with cataloging the tapes. Some of the recordings are unidentified so it becomes nearly impossible to identify the artists. Many of the artists are identified by the artist's first name only and not their whole name or band's name. This is resolvable but takes more time to sort through.  At this time, I do not have a master list of the artists who signed a recording contract with RAP records but I am otimistic that one will be found.  Bob Reetz's wife said that Bob kept everything.  If anyone has information or contributions to make related to any of these artists who recorded at RAP Records, I invite them to contact me via the contact link on this site with the information, names and pictures so the artists information can be updated.

Note:  If you are an artists who recorded at RAP Records on one of the labels and have information to contribute or would like to obtain copies of your master soundtracks, please contact me at the contact link on this page.

Group A (Recording Artists who are better known and who have left behind more information about their history)

___The Artist___

Paul Davis (The Six Soul Survivors, The Endless Chain & The Livin End)
George Soule
Rick's Continentals
Eddie Houston
The Allman Brothers Band
Ned Hobgood & Sea Fever

Group B (The lesser known music artists who recorded at RAP Records. Their master music recordings are included in the of RAP Records Music Library) Listed in the lesser known artists is Marty Collins who was really quite prolific in his recordings.  There are many masters by Marty Collins in the RAP sound masters and there were many records distributed on the various RAP Records labels including duets with Bobbie Reetz.

 ___The Artist___

Marty Collins
The Strags (Strags)
Charles Ingram
Bobbye Jean Reetz
The St. Louis Union
Earl Aycock
Carl Fitzgerald
George Murray
Fred Omell
Bill Hocutt
Melvin "Butterbean" Thead
Jody Leavins
David Posey
Ray Morgan
The Motivations
The Swingers